Denali BottleLess Water Cooler Review

The Denali BottleLess water cooler is a high capacity, stainless steel, bottleless water cooler. This bottleless water cooler can be used by up to thirty people, and is generally perfect for an office, warehouse, or even a home environment. This product “comes with everything you need for pure, delicious water” and even comes with a thermostat that you can use to change the temperature of hot/ cold water.

Denali BottleLess Water Cooler Features:

This product comes with a set of features that are incredibly unique. These features are specifically installed into the product to give high satisfaction to the customer, and are known to make the product more efficient. Features include:

  • Standard electrical outlet makes for easy installation and movement
  • Lead free stainless steel saddle valve
  • Pure stainless steel reservoirs used to keep hot and cold water separate and are very resistant to rusting.
  • High capacity purification system and set up kit makes for an easy installation process once the product is purchased.
  • 1- micron filtration system is guaranteed to filter chlorine, lead, and bad tastes and odors for up to 1,200 gallons.

8.8 Total Score
Denali BottleLess Water Cooler Review

The Denali BottleLess Water Cooler has been given mostly five stars on Amazon, as well as the highest possible rating on other websites. It seems as though this product has left many customers high satisfaction and an ease of mind. This is mostly because people who have purchased this product were not only given phenomenal service, but also had their expectations exceeded. This product has so many high reviews for a reason.

One reason why customer who purchased this product love it so much is because of how well it actually works. Many have claimed that this product has helped keep their office hydrated and has yet to produce a bad taste unlike other bottleless water coolers. Another reason is because of the easy installation. With the standard electrical cord, instructions, as well as online help videos this product takes only a few minutes to install. This keeps work going smoothly in the office and doesn’t disrupt work due to noise or other distractions.

All in all, this product was given such high ratings and exceeded so many customer’s expectations that there’s no other choice than to highly recommend it to everyone. With this bottleless water cooler you are guaranteed a pleasant experience and a wonderful new appliance for your home or office. This product is sure to give high satisfaction to anyone who chooses to purchase it.

  • There are several advantages to owning this bottleless water cooler. From the child safety on the hot water, to something as simple as the weight, this product has numerous advantages. Like the features, these were manufactures to give the product an efficient and professional use, as well as give customers a high satisfaction. These advantages include:
  • The Denali BottleLess Water Cooler only weighs a total of thirty- six pounds. This lightweight construction makes it very easy to move and store when needed.
  • Black stainless- steel cabinet makes for a sleek and stylish finish, normally matches perfectly with any office or home.
  • Standard electrical outlet and set- up kit that’s included with the product makes it incredibly easy to install.
  • Hot water tap is child- proofed so you won’t have to worry about your young ones accidentally harming themselves.
  • Built in thermostat makes for an easy way to increase/ decrease the temperature of the hot and cold water.
  • Stainless steel cabinet and reservoirs are guaranteed to not only last for many years, but also cool and heat your water twice as fast!
  • Powerful filter is known to take out any hard sediments, chlorine, and bad tastes and odors. It does this for months without needing to be changed.
  • There were very few disadvantages that was found while researching the Denali BottleLess Water Cooler, but as always some were found. Though some of these may seem minor, they can turn into a serious problem and should be taken into consideration when deciding whether or not to purchase the product.
  • There’s not really an indicator for when to change the filter of the bottleless water cooler, but it’s recommended you change it once every six months.
  • Faucet handles are made of somewhat flimsy material and will sometimes break within a month or two of getting the product.
  • Back up shut off float that’s included during installation will sometimes clog or just not work. This could cost hundreds of dollars to fix.
  • Instructions unclear to some and could lead to difficulty installing.
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