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Pentek 150233 Big Blue Water Filter Review

The Pentek 150233 20-BB water filter was manufactured and designed for one simple reason. That reason is to was aid high- flow and heavy sediment applications. This Pentek water filter is made of propylene and has a pressure drop of 1psi, as well as a 15 GPM flow rate. Perfect for places with extremely high sediments in their water, this product works on small to medium sized houses alike.

Pentek 150233 Big Blue Water Filter Features:

This product comes with several features designed to help everyone as much as it can in everyday life. Most of the features included are very beneficial, and include:

  • It is made of propylene for strength and resilience, and the black cap is made out of high-flow polypropylene for stiffness
  • Housing can be used with a 20” x 4 ½“ filter, great for large homes and as well as apartments and offices, and even irrigation systems.
  • Filter Housing meets NSF & ANSI section 42 for quality assurance
  • Can be used in numerous high- flow applications, including drinking water and even irrigation systems.
8.6 Total Score
Pentek 150233 Big Blue Water Filter Review

Though many people have complained of some problems with the Pentek 150233 water filter, it’s still has received high reviews on many websites. Though it has some trouble, it still seems to highly satisfy and exceed the expectations of many customers. This is mostly because, even though it has some faults, it is still a good product to have. If you’re willing to risk buying an already defective product.

Many seem to enjoy using the product because of how well it works. Several customers have stated that paired with their other water softener/ water filter it works fantastically. Their water seemed even more clear than with the other water softeners alone. Another reason so many people enjoyed this product is because it can be used anywhere. A product that can be used in a home as well as an office or an apartment shows diversity that you don’t get with other water filters.

That being said, there are problems that come with owning this product. This includes a pressure release valve that seems to always leak. Some were able to fix this problem with Teflon tape or silicon lube, but others had to replace the product after only a few weeks. Another fault with this product is that installation is difficult due to parts that are not included with purchase.

All in all, if you want to spend money on a product that is widely diverse for environment, but has some manufacturing issues, this is the product for you. One customer stated that you have a 50/50 chance of getting a defective product, so keep that in mind as well.

  • There are several advantages that come with purchasing this product. These advantages are what makes this product so worth purchasing. The most common advantages and the advantages that satisfies customers the most are in the list below.
  • Pentek 150233 removes undesirable particles, particles, and organisms (bacteria, viruses, etc.) using several different processes
  • Filters are densely packed synthetic or natural fibers. This means they can trap suspended particles.
  • Can be used in most residential, industrial, or commercial places.
  • Significantly reduces particles and heavy sediments, leaving water crystal clear and tasting great.
  • Life expectancy of product is 10 years, with filter only having to be replaced once or twice a year.
  • There are a few disadvantages that come with purchasing the Pantek water filter. These disadvantages may seem small, or fixable, but some can lead to a fully defective product and needs to be considered heavily before purchasing this product. The most common defects and disadvantages that come with this product include:
  • Filters are sold separately, and are not included with housing.
  • Filter to bracket screws also need to be purchased separately
  • Directions are a bit weird, and some customers considered them to have unnecessary information, making deciphering and installing the product a bit difficult
  • Several customers have encountered a leak at the pressure release button. However, this can be solved with Teflon tape and silicone lube.
  • This product sometimes comes defective, even if it is ordered brand new. Customer service will replace it under warranty, but it’s just as likely that the replacement will be defective as well.
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