EdenPURE ScaleRID 2000 Review

The EdenPURE ScaleRID 2000 is a device which uses electrical fields to reduce the amount of scale buildup in pipes, faucets, and appliances. It does this by forcing hard sediments such as calcium, manganese, lead, and chlorine, to crystalize and remain suspended. This product uses no chemicals and is safe for any form of house use.

EdenPURE ScaleRID 2000 Features:

EdenPURE ScaleRID 2000 ReviewThough there are several features in this very unique product, there are only a few that should be talked about. This is because these are the features that make this product so unique and useful. These features include:

  • The ScaleRID 2000 features a full three- year warranty from the time the product is delivered to your home onward.
  • American made, proudly manufactured in North Canton, Ohio.
  • Two Quick Connect cables
  • Unlike other water softeners, this product uses several different electrical fields to get rid of your heavy sediments.EdenPURE ScaleRID 2000 Review
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EdenPURE ScaleRID 2000 Review

The EdenPure ScaleRID 2000 is truly a remarkable device that had received much positive feedback. With the majority of it’s product review extremely high, it’s clear that this product has left many customers satisfied. This means that it most likely exceeded many customer’s expectations. There are several reasons why many customers were incredibly satisfied with their purchase of this product.

One of the reasons that many customers enjoyed this product is because of not how well it worked, but that it worked at all. With electrical waves becoming a new way to soften water, many customers who purchased this product were very skeptical. In the end, many seemed happy that the product worked, as well as how well it worked. Another reason that many loved this product is because of how low- maintenance it is. This product is basically one of the most “set and forget” product you can currently find on the market. Partner that with an incredibly long life, and you have a product that does a lot of work with almost no need for maintenance.

That being said, every product has its flaws. Some customers complained about the instructions included. It appears that the product’s instructions are very difficult to follow, with important information being omitted or unnecessary information being in the instruction manual. This can make installation very difficult, and it is recommended that you have a plumber of some sort install it for you.

All in all, this product appears to be a remarkable product to own. The EdenPure ScaleRID 2000 is state of the art and almost guaranteed to reduce the amount of scale and limestone buildup on your faucets and showers. It is very decently priced, so saving up the money for this product shouldn’t be a problem. This is a product that is recommended, simply because it seems like a product that would aid anyone in their everyday life. If you really get into it, the pros outweigh the cons, especially with the three- year warranty in case there’s an issue. So, go out and get your very own EdenPure ScaleRID 2000 today!

  • The EdenPure ScaleRID 2000 comes with several advantages. These advantages are the main reason you should purchase this product, and are what makes it so useful in everyday life. These advantages should be considered in your decision to purchase the ScaleRID 2000. The most useful and most common advantages are listed below.
  • This product doesn’t use any chemicals, so you don’t have to worry about either buying said chemicals or what the system is putting into you water.
  • Very easy to maintain. This product uses an electrical field to crystalize harmful sediments and keeps them suspended. This eliminates the grime and buildup found on faucets and sinks.
  • The ScaleRID 2000 can actually help increase water pressure in the home and very rarely decreases it.
  • Skin will feel softer, soap will lather better, and hair will have a natural healthy glow to it.
  • It’s incredibly cheap! The price for this product is generally under $150, which is much cheaper than the majority of other water softeners.
  • Low power consumption. You will notice almost no increase in your electric or water bill, and it can sometimes even lower your bill!
  • You can use the ScaleRID 2000 in any kind of household. Whether living in a house, a mobile home, or an apartment, this product can be used safely in any living situation.
  • Though there are several advantages that make this product useful, there are also some disadvantages as well. After all, no product is one hundred percent perfect. These disadvantages should also be considered when deciding to purchase this product, and include some product faults such as:
  • Instructions are unclear and sometimes aren’t included. This could lead to difficulty during installation.
  • Products sometimes are faulty and do not work, even if the product is brought brand new.
  • There’s a chance that the ScaleRID 2000 will sometimes clog pipes. This is due to the substances being crystalized in the pipes, and will sometimes cost quite a bit to fix depending on damage.
  • Product is cheaply made, with materials that easily break or do not work to begin with. An example of this is the sensor.
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