Berkey Drinking Water Filtration System Bundle with 4 Filters Review

The Premium Royal Berkey Bundle is a comprehensive package for water filtration. Put together with full consideration of a wide range of customer needs, the Royal Berkey Water Filter’s simple design belies a water filtration system capable of meeting a wide range of filtering requirements, from everyday to emergency needs.

Water quality is a growing concern throughout the world. Recent revelations in the news about severe water contamination in places like Flint, Michigan and elsewhere throughout the country (and the world as a whole) have brought this to the forefront of the consumer’s attention. For this and other reasons, consumers have become more aware of this issue in recent years than ever before. Berkey’s products are at the high end of alternatives available to provide clean, mineral-rich water.

Berkey filters are verified water purifiers by EPA and ANSI/NSF standards. The reason such a simple system with so few components is so exceedingly effective is due to the material properties of the filters, which are constructed in such a way as to prevent post-treatment contaminants, heavy metals and even microbial agents passing through them.

The Premium Royal Berkey Bundle is suitable for customers of all different kinds with vastly different needs, providing drinking and cooking water for a household of up to about a dozen people or a larger office environment.


Berkey Drinking Water Filtration System Bundle with 4 Filters Features:

  • Bundle includes a complete functioning Berkey filtration system:
    • one (x1) Royal Berkey Water Filter stainless steel housing unit;
    • two (x2) black filters;
    • two (x2) PF-2 fluoride/arsenic filters;
    • and one (x1) stainless steel Sport Berkey bottle.
  • Stainless steel housing is portable, has a brightly mirrored finish, and includes upper water storage (unfiltered), lower water storage (filtered), a stainless steel lid and a spigot.
  • Each black filter has a stem on the bottom, to connect a PF-2 filter.
  • Royal Berkey housing unit can hold from one to four black filters, each with a PF-2 filter, at a single time.
  • Unit holds 3.25 gallons, measures 20.1” x 13” x 11.4” and (empty) weighs 11.8 pounds (empty).
  • Stainless Steel Water Bottle
7.8 Total Score
Berkey Drinking Water Filtration System Bundle with 4 Filters Review

It’s a tough decision to buy a filter with such a hefty price tag, but their effectiveness pays off quickly and lastingly. Besides which, the filter starts paying for itself right away. Given the cost and lifetime of filters, it costs less than two cents a gallon to filter your water.

Individual units may have cosmetic and other minor problems, but any which affect its function are easily remedied, e.g. buying cheap but decent, third-party spigots.

Reliability is an unquestionable advantage of going with Berkey. A big part of Berkey’s reputation is due to the brand’s use in international aid and relief efforts. For a number of organizations, Berkey is the brand of choice because their products always deliver on the promise of safe drinking water, even in countries where water quality is substandard. Berkey’s filtration systems will even work in areas without electricity, where the water supply is low-pressure or substandard water treatment, and even in areas where treated, running water is altogether unavailable. So, a salient selling point of the Bundle is that Berkey’s portable systems always deliver, in virtually any difficult environment. The Royal Berkey housing is even more substantial and durable than units from other lines, like Travel Berkey.

All in all, the Royal Berkey Bundle is an investment, but one which pays off – health- and wealth-wise – in the long term, with many satisfied consumers praising continued and lasting benefits.

  • Highly Effective Filtration & Purification – Royal Berkey Water Filter isn’t just a filtration system, but a genuine water purification system. Berkey’s products meet – and exceed – EPA and state standards for safe drinking water. Berkey’s black filters remove 100% of detectable harmful pathogens in the water supply.
  • High Quality Construction – Housing’s SAE 304 stainless steel is a sturdy and shiny alloy, with a polished gleam due to its high chromium content, highly resistant to corrosion in a wide range of inhospitable environments.
  • Portability – Royal Berkey is less than two feet tall and, empty, weighs just under twelve pounds. Full, it weighs just below forty pounds. So, it’s convenient to move, even when it’s at full holding capacity. Since the filters are all kept inside, this means the bundle (including your bottle) can be moved wherever it’s needed.
  • Product Reliability – Berkey filtration has an impeccable record in testing by EPA-mandated methods.
  • Capacity – Unit holds over three gallons of filtered, purified water. For a portable unit, this is a huge volume, while remaining conveniently mobile.
  • Filter Longevity – Each black filter will, with proper cleaning, safely filter about 3,000 gallons in its lifetime. The PF-2 filter, on the other hand, will filter about 1,000.
  • Simple Modular Design – Unit can operate with as little as one black filter (with or without PF-2 filters) or as many as four black filters with one PF-2 filter each. Additionally, the black filters fit in most off-brand, gravity filtration systems. So, one each of the black and PF-2 filters which come with the Bundle can be used to upgrade a second, pre-existing, non-Berkey system.
  • Cost –Berkey filtration systems do much more than filter out impurities to EPA minimum standards and their price reflects this. Besides the Go Berkey line, which starts at $150, all Berkey systems cost over $200. The Royal Berkey unit costs almost $300 by itself. The Black Filters cost at least a $107 a pair, depending on the retailer. Berkey’s PF-2 Fluoride/Arsenic filters are $46 a pair ($54 direct from the manufacturer’s website). A combo pack of two Berkey Black Filters and two of the fluoride filters is a bit better at $137.
  • Slow Filtration – The downside of such thorough filtration is a long wait for filtered water. Each black filter can process about two gallons an hour, so the pair you get with the bundle filters about four an hour. Since the unit can hold four black filters at a time, another pair can be bought and fitted to improve this rate to eight gallons per hour.
  • Leakage – Some customers report that their Big Berkey units leak badly with the Berkey brand spigots, albeit the use of good quality off-brand spigots can remedy this problem completely.
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