North Star NSC30UD Ultra Demand Water Softener Review

The North Star NSC30UD Ultra Demand Water Softener is a product designed to offer water conditioning solutions with maximum  efficiency. To achieve maximum efficiency the system uses an ultra demand valve system. It also has a demand initiated regeneration feature that complies with specifications intended to minimize the amount of regenerate brine and water used in the operation. The North Star ultra demand water softener feature an automated regeneration process, an automated control unit that makes the operation of the equipment easy.

The electronic system profile featured in this model provides the home owner or service technician with the latest in softener performance and electronic diagnostic technology. ESP is the transmission of electronic data from the softener timer, through a telephone, to a remote personal computer equipped to receive data. The personal computer decodes the data to provide a detailed report of the softeners up to date performance. This info is useful for the running and maintenance of the system.

North Star NSC30UD Ultra Demand Water Softener Features:

  • An automated regeneration process where a computer program controls the regeneration process.counter-current regeneration this particular feature is pioneered by the NorthStar company. With this process, the water is directed at the bottom of the resin tanks to enhance the quality of the regeneration cycle that is being done in the device.
  • It has an efficiency mode which allows you to chose the efficiency to operate on.
  • It has a super cap time-keeper that ensures that the timer does not reset to its default settings in case of a power blackout. This feature means that the system will remain on for 72 hours retaining the memory of the recorded data.
  • Has a Quick Set-up feature which enables any user to adjust the time and the level of hardness to the desired setting.
  • It has a heavy duty valve with fewer moving parts.
  • Look ahead feature which calculates an accurate proportion of salt and water needed to be regenerated.
  • It runs on a 21 volts electricity to reduce electrical safety hazards. The system is also energy efficient.
  • A backlit LCD screen which is easy to read and is perfectly for poorly lit places. It displays time, the remaining capacity in percentage,current flow, total daily usage and average daily usage.
  • A high capacity resin with a resin bed agitator, this ensures there’s no build up of iron, dirt and other solids. This makes the equipment to operate at peak efficiency.
  • A one year warranty on parts.
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North Star NSC30UD Ultra Demand Water Softener Cabinet Model Review

The North Star NSC30UD Ultra Demand Water Softener Cabinet Model is a great product featuring very useful new technology. The look-ahead feature is worth mentioning here it gives this product an edge in performing its purposes. This feature ensures maximum efficiency and accuracy of the equipment in the collection of data and execution of tasks. The product provides quality water softening solutions.

  • Has an efficiency mode that lets you select the level of water that you want. This depends on the amount of water to be used in the household. When this feature is on the unit will operate at salt efficiencies fo 4000 grains of hardness per pound of salt or higher. It may recharge more often if a small dosage of salt is used.
  • The look ahead technology feature allows for conservation of water since you select the level of regeneration according to the amount of water to be used. Less salt is also used thanks to this technology.
  • A compact and durable design that keeps the unit in use for many years to come.
  • The resin bed agitator ensures that there is no dirt build up in the tank.
  • The ultra demand timer records a lot of useful data including time, flow rates, the amount of water in gallons used and the water regeneration capacity.
  • The ultra demand control unit is easy to manipulate. For example, to recharge the unit there's a dedicated button for this purpose.
  • It requires some technical skills to operate and maintain this equipment. Technical and plumbing knowledge is also required in the assembly and installation of this unit. Though the product comes with a DIY manual, it still requires basic technical knowledge to interpret and execute the manual.
  • In case iron is present in the water, the water softener will not get rid of it and it will end up accumulating in the tank causing problems with the operation of the equipment.
  • Limited to 24volts as a requirement for the equipment to operate. In areas where the standard voltage is lower or higher, operation issues may arise.
  • Prone to damage by extremely low temperatures.
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