WaterChef SF-7C Premium Shower Filter System Review

The WaterChef SF-7C Premium Shower Filter System is a two-stage premium shower system that can easily be installed into your home shower. This sleek, chrome shower system has five adjustable spray patterns and can be used as a hand-held shower head as well as stationary shower head.

WaterChef SF-7C Premium Shower Filter System Features:

There are many features that come with a WaterChef Premium shower filter system, some of which include:

  • Anti-clog rubber spray nozzle that insures a continuous, powerful shower stream throughout the entire showering process.
  • A durable, sixty-inch stainless steel hose that is guaranteed to never kink while being used by the consumer.
  • Stainless steel, ABS material with a very stylish chrome finish to give your shower a new, sleek look.
  • Hose comes with an incredible non-toxic silicone liner that is both PVC free and odorless.
  • Should anything happen to break, there is a guaranteed three-year warranty on the product, as well as a sixty-day money back guarantee if you are generally unsatisfied.
  • Comes with five adjustable spray patterns, one of which is pulsating massage, for maximum comfort and relaxation.
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WaterChef® SF-7C Premium Shower Filter System Review

Though this product has received high ratings on Amazon, it appears that there are many problems with this premium shower filtration system. Some customers were even surprised that this product was given such high ratings, simply because of the numerous problems they and others had with it.

Many seemed to dislike the WaterChef Premium Shower Filtration System because of the short lifespan it appears to have. Most consumers reviewed that they had only had the shower filtration system for a few weeks to a few months before it began to heavily leak or outright break, some shattering into hundreds of pieces for no reason other than regular use. Others reported that it did absolutely nothing to help with chlorine reduction and made their hair and skin seem more lifeless and damaged than it already was.

All in all, for the price WaterChef is asking for it is clear that this product is not worth purchasing. Especially when you take into effect that when sent the premium shower filtration system, many noticed that the product was made of plastic, not metal. Given the numerous problems that have been noticed by consumers, it is suggested that if someone is thinking about purchasing a premium shower filtration system, it would be best to avoid this one and go with one of the countless others out there.

  • It took much research on this particular premium shower filter system to find some advantages to owning it. Even then most of what was found was by the manufacturer and not by customers, but they are advantages all the same.
  • This premium shower filter system comes with ready step-by-step instructions and is very light, making for a very easy installation with no tools needed at all to install.
  • Reduces chlorine a significant amount, leaving for a heightened sense of well-being due to the softer water being used while showering.
  • NSF® International, one of the most highly trusted and highly credible filter system testers, has tested and certified this premium shower filter system.
  • This system not only leaves skin feeling smoother and healthier, but it does the same for your hair and even decreases skin and eye irritation that some experience with heavy chlorine showers.
  • If using hair dye, this product will keep hair products in noticeably longer without dulling the color.
  • Many customer reviews noted numerous problems that they had after purchasing and installing the WaterChef Premium Shower Filter System. Though there were many, the most disliked and most recurring problems were these below. Please consider these significant disadvantaged before purchasing this premium shower filter system, as it could save you much money and trouble in the future.
  • This premium shower filtration system is known to leak within a few months of installation. Leaks usually happen at showerhead or near the actual filter.
  • Water pressure can reduce a significant amount once installed by consumer.
  • Showerhead known to break often, sometimes just shattering into many pieces for no reason.
  • Though the WaterChef Premium Shower Filtration System recommends replacing the filter once every six months, many have complained of having to replace the filter much more. Some have even had to replace the filter four times within a few months.
  • After a few filter changes, this product can break or leak. Some have even complained that the filter itself is too large for the system.
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